The Count of Monte Cristo: I’m Done

Oh my God. What a book. Like, I don’t even have words. I sat down and started reading some time around one, and  just kept reading. I couldn’t stop.

I don’t want to spoil anything, it has to be read on its own, so this is a short post. I have some other books I want to read before I pick up the next book on the list, but I will pick that up. Hopefully soon.


The Count of Monte Cristo: Another Ten Down

Well, I’m officially obsessed with this book. So much is happening it’s hard to talk about any one thing, so I’m just gonna tell you I’ve made it to the forties in chapters, and I really don’t want to put this damn thing down.

Everybody is awful in their own way, except for the Count, who is still awful I guess, but I love him and want to see him succeed in ruining these people’s lives. I just hope Villefort doesn’t give the game away. It’s far too soon for somebody to catch on to the Count’s game. Unless he wants to be found out, because otherwise bringing up the skeleton was a stupid idea.

He’s probably already planned this all out, and I just can’t see how this will go, but whatever happens, I’m invested now.

The Count of Monte Cristo: You Sly Bastard

The Count is into his revenge plot right now, and it feels like he’s just laying the seeds of destruction. I’m fairly certain he intends to have Madame de Villefort poison her husband, which is just awesome.

I can’t help but root for The Count, even though I know any revenge plot must be doomed from the start. Like, revenge is never profitable, nor good for the soul, but it is so much fun to read about.

I kind of love The Count, even though he isn’t Edmond, not really. Edmond died in prison, and The Count is sort of the phoenix rising from Edmond’s ashes. He’s got a brutality to him that makes him absolutely terrifying, but there is still a tenderness about him that makes him lovable.

I am really loving this book. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to update, but I’ve been more than a little swamped with schoolwork. Also, that prom I mentioned is tomorrow. I’ve decided I’m going, but I debated on that for a while. I’ll update you on how everything goes. I’m hoping to get away with some of the centerpieces like I did last year, but I hear the theme is Congo, so they’ll probably be hideous. These are the consequences of making StuCo a popularity contest. Terrible decisions are made.

Anyways, updates should be coming more frequently now, but I may have to take a break to read a YA series I promised a friend of mine I would read. She watched Kingsman for me, so it’s only fair.


So, my longtime crush and I were going to go to my senior prom together. Until she accepted a different invitation. That update may take a while. If anyone is even paying attention. Ugh, I’m feeling sorry for myself again. This sucks.

(And yes that is a sailor moon screen cap. This is how I deal, okay?)


Okay, well I made it to the top sixteen. See, I entered a March Madness style writing contest, and my story actually made it to Round Two! I’m so excited, you have no idea. I’m okay at lots of stuff, but writing? That’s my passion. Has been since I was little. To have other people look at my work and think it’s worth moving forward in a contest? That’s pretty fantastic.

Also, I had my first massage, and now I am noodle.

The Count of Monte Cristo: What Just Happened

So, Edmond is out of jail, right? And he goes off with some smugglers, finds the treasure, starts returning favors for everyone who did him some good in his life, and then he decides to seek his revenge as The Count of Monte Cristo, giving the book it’s name.

But he’s watching this guy get his throat slit and his stomach stomped on from a prince’s mansion with a couple of young men, and I don’t even know why. Like, I understand being fascinated with different types of execution when you’re on a quest for vengeance. I think it’s really twisted and dark, but I get it.

But what is up with the two young dudes he’s forced into watching the execution? Like, he actually makes one of them watch as this guy gets brutally and disgustingly killed in the town square, and I don’t get why.

Do you guys have a reason for this, because I’m lost as hell. I think one or both of them must be the sons of people who pissed Edmond off, but why scar the poor fellows? I just don’t get it. Is it a warning? Is he going to kill the young boy to show the person he hates how it feels to have someone you love ripped away from you?

Or is he just insane? I’m leaning towards insane. And I really can’t blame him at all. Fifteen years in total darkness with nothing to do but plot your revenge? That will drive a man mad in a day. I’m sure it has. Poor Edmond. He could have been so happy.

Oh, well. This does make for one hell of an adventure story.

I have to keep reading.

The Count of Monte Cristo: I Lied

I finished chapter ten a day earlier than I said I would, and I can’t wait to keep reading.

I thought about writing these entries like I knew what I was talking about. I thought about analyzing the book like I’m back in my english classroom.

That isn’t how I want to do this.

So, a teenage girl’s perspective on reading The Count of Monte Cristo for the first time.

Holy. Mother. of God. This book is awesome. Annotating it while I read was a great idea, because it keeps me reading like every sentence is new. I don’t get distracted as easily, and I need that for a book this twisted.

First, Danglars is an asshole. He would rather flee than face Dantes after having him sent to prison. And Villefort is such a slimy little bastard I want to punch him in the face. And I don’t understand at all what the tailor had to gain from Dantes being sent to prison, other than he didn’t like him.

I’m all for whatever revenge Dantes decides to break out. It should be a fascinating read.

That’s all I’ve got for now, see you guys after I finish chapter twenty.