The Count of Monte Cristo: You Sly Bastard

The Count is into his revenge plot right now, and it feels like he’s just laying the seeds of destruction. I’m fairly certain he intends to have Madame de Villefort poison her husband, which is just awesome.

I can’t help but root for The Count, even though I know any revenge plot must be doomed from the start. Like, revenge is never profitable, nor good for the soul, but it is so much fun to read about.

I kind of love The Count, even though he isn’t Edmond, not really. Edmond died in prison, and The Count is sort of the phoenix rising from Edmond’s ashes. He’s got a brutality to him that makes him absolutely terrifying, but there is still a tenderness about him that makes him lovable.

I am really loving this book. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to update, but I’ve been more than a little swamped with schoolwork. Also, that prom I mentioned is tomorrow. I’ve decided I’m going, but I debated on that for a while. I’ll update you on how everything goes. I’m hoping to get away with some of the centerpieces like I did last year, but I hear the theme is Congo, so they’ll probably be hideous. These are the consequences of making StuCo a popularity contest. Terrible decisions are made.

Anyways, updates should be coming more frequently now, but I may have to take a break to read a YA series I promised a friend of mine I would read. She watched Kingsman for me, so it’s only fair.


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