The Count of Monte Cristo: What Just Happened

So, Edmond is out of jail, right? And he goes off with some smugglers, finds the treasure, starts returning favors for everyone who did him some good in his life, and then he decides to seek his revenge as The Count of Monte Cristo, giving the book it’s name.

But he’s watching this guy get his throat slit and his stomach stomped on from a prince’s mansion with a couple of young men, and I don’t even know why. Like, I understand being fascinated with different types of execution when you’re on a quest for vengeance. I think it’s really twisted and dark, but I get it.

But what is up with the two young dudes he’s forced into watching the execution? Like, he actually makes one of them watch as this guy gets brutally and disgustingly killed in the town square, and I don’t get why.

Do you guys have a reason for this, because I’m lost as hell. I think one or both of them must be the sons of people who pissed Edmond off, but why scar the poor fellows? I just don’t get it. Is it a warning? Is he going to kill the young boy to show the person he hates how it feels to have someone you love ripped away from you?

Or is he just insane? I’m leaning towards insane. And I really can’t blame him at all. Fifteen years in total darkness with nothing to do but plot your revenge? That will drive a man mad in a day. I’m sure it has. Poor Edmond. He could have been so happy.

Oh, well. This does make for one hell of an adventure story.

I have to keep reading.


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