Insomnia Returns

So, it is currently 3:14 a.m. here in the middle of nowhere, Kansas, and I cannot sleep. I’ve been writing since midnight, I think, and I just cannot stop. So, I got a wordpress. This should be fun.

I’ve been meaning to get one to start documenting my upcoming adventures. I’ll be graduating high school in a few months, and everything is about to change. It should be a fun little experiment to document everything as it happens.

Upcoming Adventures Include:



Emily’s Wedding (I’m the maid of honor!)

Moving to Germany with Emily to get a free university education

So, nothing major, right. Ugh. I’m really pumped, but super terrified. I’ve been practicing my German, but I’m having trouble making the words stick. I can say “I like/love you” and potatoes and that is sadly about all I’ve managed to grasp. I figure I’ll take a year off to get familiar with the language before I jump right into school. But that’s something to worry about later. Emily’s wedding is a first priority. I’ve already got my dress, but it’s a little tight. I’m trying to lose ten pounds. It is surprisingly easy, actually. I just cut out the Dr. Pepper and I’m dropping weight like crazy.

Well, this little late night ramble is coming to an end. I will be back soon to update you on my soon-to-be adventures.



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